Welcome to the Campus & Co (Edutrade) team volunteer resource centre

Firstly, a huge thank you for your selfless contribution to this great cause of providing a funding stream for the education of our young people. Campus & Co is a global vision which we are all privileged to be a part of.


  • Store in each locality by the end of 2020
  • Grow to sales of £2.4M Per Annum, meeting our commitment to the school payment out of shop trading only.
  • 100% order fulfilment for online orders
  • All procedures and job descriptions documented and stored on this page
  • Take our Campus into the Top 5 in the National League Table of Sales per Head by June 2021


When involved in the day to day nit and gritty of a volunteer role, it’s always good to take a step back and remember our values and why we are doing this

Energetic - the number one thing you can bring to the table is all that energy you have stored somewhere inside you!

Flexible - your willingness to jump in and help with any tasks that may arise will open doors to new experiences

Reliable and Committed - if you make a commitment to volunteer, make sure you can follow through.

Passionate - when you become passionate about the cause and the organization is when your work is going to have the biggest impact

Communication - the biggest challenge in an organisation of volunteers of this size is clear, concise and consistent communication

Positive - whilst at times its pretty tough, and progress seems slow, we are all doing this for one cause, and not for ourselves. Let's make it enjoyable!


We want to encourage clear lines of communication and reporting, so you know who to speak to if you have any questions.


Job role Name Email
Director Bernard Sellars -
Director Graham Hazell -
Director Andy Smith -
Director Russell Long -
Director Eugene Buchner -

Sales Team

Job role Name Email
Sales Manager Daniel Hughes
LRM - Doncaster Jake Martin
LRM - Chesterfield Warwick Grinnell
LRM - Grimsby Rick Sellars
LRM - Hull Damian White
LRM - Lincoln Don Green
Business Sales Carl Hazell
SRAs - Chesterfield Sandy Deeks, Shelagh McCreadie, Lyndsay Bricknell, Carla Smith
SRAs - Doncaster Katie Layton, Debbie Hughes, Betty Smith, Miriam Thomas, Naomi Puxty, Lily Smith, Sharon Paterson, Lorna Turner, Alice Hughes
SRAs - Lincoln Kate Martin, Zoe Buchner, Hayley Turner, Cheryl Green, Sheri Jackson
SRAs - Grimsby Rachel Goodenough, Kirsty Wade, Isabelle Willey, Emma Graham
SRAs - Hull Helen Pocock, Sarah Williamson, Kaitlin Clark, Julie Hooper

Marketing Team

Job role Name Email
Marketing Manager Nathan Rowles
Marketing Coordinator Carina Rowles
Projects/Videography Betty Smith
Graphic Design Cheryl Jackson
WhatsApp Tile Creation Narelle Smith, Jacqui Hooper, Sarah Williamson
Promotions Heather Arnett
Household E-shots Georgia Smith
Business Eshots Sam Lant
Photography Amy Bricknell
Events Amos Thomas, Rod Fleck

Campus Trading Manager

Job role Name Email
Campus Trading Manager Nathan Rowles
CTM EA Carina Rowles
New Stores Project George Hooper

Purchasing Team

Job role Name Email
Procurement Management Russell & Amie Lant
Product Range Manager Heather Arnett
Product Range Team Lois Green, Cheryl Sewell, Melanie Hughes, Nathan Bricknell, Ali Hughes -
Re-order Team Ray Willey, Sharon Paterson, Gail Cuckson, Liz Worsley -
Capex Purchasing Bradley McEwan

System/IT Team

Job role Name Email
Systems/IT Manager Jack Clark
Vend Team Rachel Cuckson, Annalie Turner, Dizzy Arnett
IT Support Rod Paterson
Shopify Manager Jed Lant
Shopify Team Narelle Smith, Jemimah Rowles, Kirsty Paterson, Scott Haughton, Heather Arnett, Gareth Hull
Reporting Kenny Lant

Finance Team

Job role Name Email
Finance Manager Graham Hazell
Accounts Payable Carla Sellars
Financial Reporting & Compliance Gavin Sellars
Bookkeeper Kate Jones (External Accountant)

Operations Team

Job role Name Email
Operations Manager Gregg Sellars
Facilities Manager Ed Willey
Logistics Manager Keith Wade
Legal & Compliance David Smith
Procedure Team Leader Jess Haughton
Customer Service Chloe Clark
Doncaster Store Manager Tracey Ingram
Lincoln Store Manager Laura Green
Hull Store Manager Sarah Arnett
Chesterfield Store Manager (s) Luanne Cuckson & Gail Rowles
Grimsby Store Manager Rosanne Wade
Pre-order Meat Fulfilment Jessie Arnett, Gill Hazell, Sarah Mallinson, Jo Turner


As a volunteer involved in the day to day, you are often the best source of creative ideas and for identifying issues. We encourage feedback using the form below so that we can continue to evolve and improve. This will be held confidentially at all times.


When involved in the day to day nit and gritty of a volunteer role, it’s always good to take a step back and remember our values and why we are doing this

Who do I contact to sort an email issue?

Rod Paterson (

As a volunteer do I need to have signed a confidentiality agreement?

Yes, all volunteers should have signed this form. If you haven't please email and he will sort for you.

If I have an idea, suggestion, or complaint, who do I talk to?

For customers, there is the email address. For volunteers, please talk to your Team Leader or fill in the volunteer Ideas/Issues feedback form on this webpage (to your left)

Where can I see our sales results through the month?

See link to the national sales report in the procedures section below

What should I do if I don't have a job description?

We recommend you ask your team leader for a job description as every role in the organisation should have a job description and a set of procedures to follow.

Who do I offer my time to if I want to help in the store every now and again?

Further down this webpage is a link to the system we use for booking volunteers into the rota each week in all stores.

Where do we send new product suggestions to?

Use the new product request link in the procedures box below. The product team will evaluate the suggestion and notify you if the product is added to the range

My edutrade email shows a message saying the mailbox is full, how do I resolve this?

Follow the instructions on this article to resolve this issue:


Access all the procedures to carry out your volunteer role