Make use of Campus&Co Ridgeway's convenient delivery service. Each locality is served at least once a week. Scroll to see when we are in your area and book delivery.

Delivery Schedule

Chesterfield: Wednesday AM and Thursday PM

Doncaster: Thursday PM

Grimsby:  Tuesday AM and Friday PM

Hull: Wednesday PM

Lincoln: Tuesday PM and Friday AM

Please note: Delivery slots timings are estimates for your convenience. Please prepare to be available throughout your delivery day.

Book your Delivery

How to book

  1. Select your locality.
  2. Pick a day (available days are highlighted blue).
  3. Confirm the delivery time - each slot is an estimate three hour delivery window.
  4. Enter your name and email and we will send you a booking confirmation.
  5. You're slot is booked and you can order anytime up until 9am the day before delivery.

Please note: There is a maximum of 10 slots per locality on each day, so please book now to avoid disappointment. If you don't book a delivery slot, your order will be delivered when we next have availability in your area.

Paying for Delivery

You can pay each time you order or sign up to one of our subscription options to save.

Pay As You Go

If you pay each time you order, you will charged depending on your order value:

  • Orders less than £50: £5.95
  • Orders £50 and over: FREE

Please note there is a minimum order value of £25.

For webinar subscribers, please use the discount code 'AUGFREE' at checkout to redeem your free delivery throughout August.

Subscribe & Save

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